Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Up and Down a bit

Well another reasonably stable week although a little more up and down than the previous ones. For 3 days I was feeling quite weak and generally uncomfortable. I even had a bit of a fever for one day/night. This all got me down a bit, but I have bounced back and found a new level of comfort and my energy has returned. Whilst the weather and continued roadworks makes it difficult to go out much (today the roadworks are in unison at the front and back of my house making the house shake and thus difficult for me to rest) I have, for the last two nights, dried the evening dishes. Today I hope to go out to a simple cafe/ bakery and get a sandwich for lunch (assuming we can navigate the car around the trucks and diggers).
I saw a bit of TV last night and there was the movie Groundhog Day playing on one of the channels. In many ways that is what my days are like - much of each day is a repitition of the day before, with minor variances thrown in.
My son has now been away for a week, and has emailed twice and posted two entries on the groups blogsite. He is loving India and all that he is experiencing. He is not back until early in the new year and I find myself each day looking carefully for any email or blog posting by him. I look forward to having him back.


At 20 December 2011 at 21:58 , Anonymous Caitlyn Lee said...

Hi Andrew, Thoughts are with you as I finish this week at work and head up from Wellington to Auckland to be with friends and family over the Christmas New Year period. May you have a bit of a break from Groundhog-Day-like repitition as more close ones move to be around you during the holidays. Caitlyn


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