Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another Week Passes

Well another week has passed. I would not say it has flown by because time does not fly when you are doing what I do. I saw the specialist yesterday and he was pretty happy. The blood work shows that things are very stable and holding their own very well. Due to the road works I have not been out for as many walks as I was but I do have a nice new driveway and footpath out the back of my house. Now they only have to finish the front and I can do my little loop walks again.
My son left for India on Tuesday - 28 days in total on a leadership immersion course run by his school. This trip had been in the planning (and paying) phase for well over a year so it is good to have it finally started. That said there was a lot of discussion about whether he should go given the circumstances, but he has gone and I am very happy for him.
I am beginning to get very bored at home but the body limits what I can do. I will try and get out and about a bit more but nothing major. The mind is at least willing and maybe my range can be extend a bit.
Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes and/or continue to contribute to the Trust. Not having to worry about the financial side of things helps me sleep better at night.


At 11 December 2011 at 18:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading the blog. I am glad you are getting restless - a new phase in recovery is wanting to do more. Thinking of you lots. Here's hoping the path is fixed sooner rather than later so you can go for your walks.


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