Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Of The Same

Another week has just about gone by and things have pretty much remained unchanged. Although no two days are exactly the same, they are pretty similar, so I generally know what to expect. One thing that does seem to have changed a bit is my eating pattern. Dinner is often harder to deal with as my discomfort levels are at their highest towards the end of the day. However, my lunch has extended to about an hour long grazing period where I eat a variety of things over a longer period of time. I think a lot about food and I am often hungry which I take as a good sign. I also seem to be able to tolerate a wider variety of foods which is also good. That said, I am still pretty cautious about what I eat.
There is not really a lot more to add - the drugs are slowly doing what they are meant to do and I just need to be patient.


At 11 November 2011 at 09:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, Lovena here...more snow covering the Wasatch, few of the resorts are scheduled to open this weekend earlier than Thanksgiving deadline.
It's been pretty chilly but beautiful fall colours.
We love you guys hang in there we're praying for you. You need some good Niuean food, uga and talo.

Niuean family in Utah.

At 11 November 2011 at 22:23 , Blogger Rita said...

Excellent.. keep it up :)

At 14 November 2011 at 11:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

The competition results are out and we decided to rename first place to the "Pullan prize" in honour of all the hard work you did in setting up the competition plus you are the epitomy of a top Engineering Scientist. The name has a nice ring to it too! This year's winners of the Pullan Prize were Garin College from Nelson, with St Cuths and Kings as runners up.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers,

At 15 November 2011 at 17:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew

Ive just had lunch with David Ryan (Im returning to my old role in Feb 2012) and he told me what has been happening to you in the last few months. What a nasty insidious disease - I keep imagine you having to trample on the head of a twisting venomous snake as it tries to attack you. Im sure you have been through all the 'why me's etc but it seems grossly unfair that such a lovely man should have to go through this.I cant imagine what it is really like - for you and your family to wake up each day to struggle with this. I would like to offer you and yours our bach at Cooks Beach in the Coromandel anytime you feel up to it. Even if not as this moment but when you start getting your energy back. Its has 2 double bedrooms and bathroom downstairs (and 2 upstairs with another bathroom)and a deck with an outside and inside fireplace you can relax in front of at night. It only 7 years old so not grotty - and as well as 100m from the beach it backs onto farmland and the estuary. Takes 2.25hrs to get there. Has kayaks for your kids too!Seems a bit pathetic to say Good Luck but I hope a big fat dose of it comes your way.

Thinking of you
Robyn (MacLeod)


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