Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nowhere to walk soon

Another very stable week although I was rather low on Monday. There was a lot happening in and around the house with roadworks/footpath demolition and tree pruners all operating. It all rather disrupted my peaceful surrounds and I felt very weak at the end of the day. I also had another fever and sore throat but thankfully all had gone away by Tuesday afternoon. My energy levels have picked up each day since then and yesterday I went out for 2 walks adding a bit of length to each one. The trouble is now that the footpaths around our neighbourhood are all being dug up to be replaced by better ones. Frankly I did not see too much wrong with what we had but some people did not like them all that much so they are being upgraded (to be fair they have been patched many times and there were a few holes in places). So diggers are present from 7am digging up everything. I am not sure what will happen when they lay the new footpaths and driveways in regards to access to the house, but already I cannot walk down my side of the street either out the front or out the back, although I can still get out. Evidently it is all meant to be done by Xmas.
I have been out to another simple cafe/bakery for lunch last week and found it very nice. I hope to repeat that again soon maybe even today. Today I am feeling a lot more energized than I have for a while.
Thank you again to all those people who have contributed to the trust, given us food or helped in other ways. It is greatly appreciated by the entire family.


At 1 December 2011 at 12:01 , Blogger theBeyderClan said...

if its anything like what we've had here in the states - they call all that meaningless roadwork - economy stimulation.


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