Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Battles Continue

I am still in a good head space since receiving the scan results. As someone wrote to me said, these small steps add up to make a big footprint. With my increased pain meds I am often sleepy and, whilst I am not getting really good sleeps at night, I do seem to be getting some nice morning sleeps, albeit rather sweaty ones. I find the current weather far too hot for me and I seem to be continually sweating. This is particularly so (and bad) when I lay down. My body has not yet adjusted to the increased dose of meds and I am often rather cloudy headed. In writing this blog I have noticed it and I am having to recorrect and modify a lot of what I have been typing. I am sure that I will adjust though, just like I have in the past.
There does not seem to be too much more to add. My back pain is not as bad as it was but I am getting some rather nasty pain in my rib area (everything is connected it seems to the back) and I have not yet gotten this under control. Other than that things are pretty settled (and some things are even improving, as the scan results showed).
I did receive some wonderful emails in the last week or so - thanks for those.


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