Thursday, 9 February 2012

Another Weaker Week

The pain has continued, draining me of my energy. However, I am now on a stronger regime of pain medications and that seems to be doing the trick. Evidently my dosages are still quite low so that is good to know. With the reduction in pain I seem to have a bit more energy, but there are times when I just feel continuously drowsy - one of the side effects of the medication. This can make eg reading the newspaper hard as my eyelids seem to get heavy every paragraph or so.
No news on the scan results yet so we will just have to wait on those. My other blood work is mostly doing ok, although there are a couple of indicators that are a bit out of kilter with where they had been so these are going to be watched more carefully and regularly for the next little while.
Other than that things just move slowly along. I did get a couple of emails from friends telling me about there Xmas holidays or just what was going on in their lives. I found these very nice to read - thank you.


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