Thursday, 29 December 2011

A mixed week

Christmas was about as good as could be expected, but I did get to speak to my son (in India) for an hour. That, and the joy of watching my daughter opening the various presents under the tree, were real highlights. We seemed to have a few more presents than normal this year with a number being dropped off to the house (some anonymously) in the days leading up to Christmas.
I saw the specialist yesterday and my blood work seems to have improved slightly. The specialist is going to arrange a CT scan to compare with the one I had in hospital a while back. They can then look at the differences between the two and get some idea of what is going on inside in terms of tumors and swollen organs. That should happen in the next month or so (the wait time on the CT scanners at Auckland hospital is about 3 weeks or so).
Apart from the above little has changed. I know I am stronger than I was the last time I saw the specialist, but the improvement is small. I did drive myself to see him and have driven to a couple of places close by recently.
I thank those who contributed to our Xmas this year either with presents/cards/trust donations/ prayers. I wish everyone a joyous new year.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Out and About a Bit

There is now a new footpath that goes from my the back of my property around the block to the front of my property. Although the roadworks have yet to be completed I can at least go for a walk around the block, something which I do am few times a day on a good day. I have also managed to get out a couple of times to have a quick lunch and hope to do that today as well. Nothing too testing, a simple cafe or bakery or subway. I did manage a dinner the other night as well - had a simple Tandoori chicken salad at a local Indian restaurant which I drove to. These are of course the highs, there are still a number of lows.I never know quite how much energy I will have for the day so as each day draws to an end I am not sure how I will feel and what will start to ache or hurt or how hard it will be just to move around.
My son continues to enjoy India, and all going to plan would have been to the Taj Mahal yesterday. There seems to be little time for rest and sleep on their trip - they had a 12 hour train journey cancelled and had to take a 23 hour bus ride to get to their next place. Once there they were straight back into their program of school/ slum/ hospital visits. Amazing trip they are having, and I look forward to hearing about it all when he returns home.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Up and Down a bit

Well another reasonably stable week although a little more up and down than the previous ones. For 3 days I was feeling quite weak and generally uncomfortable. I even had a bit of a fever for one day/night. This all got me down a bit, but I have bounced back and found a new level of comfort and my energy has returned. Whilst the weather and continued roadworks makes it difficult to go out much (today the roadworks are in unison at the front and back of my house making the house shake and thus difficult for me to rest) I have, for the last two nights, dried the evening dishes. Today I hope to go out to a simple cafe/ bakery and get a sandwich for lunch (assuming we can navigate the car around the trucks and diggers).
I saw a bit of TV last night and there was the movie Groundhog Day playing on one of the channels. In many ways that is what my days are like - much of each day is a repitition of the day before, with minor variances thrown in.
My son has now been away for a week, and has emailed twice and posted two entries on the groups blogsite. He is loving India and all that he is experiencing. He is not back until early in the new year and I find myself each day looking carefully for any email or blog posting by him. I look forward to having him back.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another Week Passes

Well another week has passed. I would not say it has flown by because time does not fly when you are doing what I do. I saw the specialist yesterday and he was pretty happy. The blood work shows that things are very stable and holding their own very well. Due to the road works I have not been out for as many walks as I was but I do have a nice new driveway and footpath out the back of my house. Now they only have to finish the front and I can do my little loop walks again.
My son left for India on Tuesday - 28 days in total on a leadership immersion course run by his school. This trip had been in the planning (and paying) phase for well over a year so it is good to have it finally started. That said there was a lot of discussion about whether he should go given the circumstances, but he has gone and I am very happy for him.
I am beginning to get very bored at home but the body limits what I can do. I will try and get out and about a bit more but nothing major. The mind is at least willing and maybe my range can be extend a bit.
Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes and/or continue to contribute to the Trust. Not having to worry about the financial side of things helps me sleep better at night.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

"Fun"-raising concert

For those of you reading this in Auckland ...

Piano and dance concert
December 17th, 3pm
132 Grange Rd
Mt Eden

Take a break from your Christmas shopping and listen to some easy listening original piano compositions by Rachel Mattocks (Andrew's sister). The concert will also include some improvised contemporary dance solos (danced to classical music) danced by Rosalind.

Suggest donation $15 per adult, children free. Feel free to share the event's Facebook page.

(posted by Rosalind, depsite the tag below saying the post came from Andrew)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nowhere to walk soon

Another very stable week although I was rather low on Monday. There was a lot happening in and around the house with roadworks/footpath demolition and tree pruners all operating. It all rather disrupted my peaceful surrounds and I felt very weak at the end of the day. I also had another fever and sore throat but thankfully all had gone away by Tuesday afternoon. My energy levels have picked up each day since then and yesterday I went out for 2 walks adding a bit of length to each one. The trouble is now that the footpaths around our neighbourhood are all being dug up to be replaced by better ones. Frankly I did not see too much wrong with what we had but some people did not like them all that much so they are being upgraded (to be fair they have been patched many times and there were a few holes in places). So diggers are present from 7am digging up everything. I am not sure what will happen when they lay the new footpaths and driveways in regards to access to the house, but already I cannot walk down my side of the street either out the front or out the back, although I can still get out. Evidently it is all meant to be done by Xmas.
I have been out to another simple cafe/bakery for lunch last week and found it very nice. I hope to repeat that again soon maybe even today. Today I am feeling a lot more energized than I have for a while.
Thank you again to all those people who have contributed to the trust, given us food or helped in other ways. It is greatly appreciated by the entire family.