Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Little Outings

The weather during the first couple of days this week was not very inviting to venture out in, so I remained largely inside. I also had a few visitors on those days, which was nice. On Wednesday Patti had to go up pick up something from Zeke's school, which is literally only 5 minutes walk away. I decided to go with her, and we walked slowly up the little incline to the school, looking at the various house renovations on the way. I interacted with a couple of people (who do not know me) at the school, then we headed home. We walked a little further around our neighbourhood as well. All up we were probably out for 45 minutes. After that I had a wonderful lunch, cooked fresh by Patti as usual, and had a nice sleep. My body felt like it used to feel after a decent training session, and I felt very content and relaxed before falling asleep. It was a long sleep for me, all of about 30 minutes. I rested well for much of the rest of the day, and had good energy levels later in the afternoon and evening.
Today I went on a longer outing. Nothing more than one would describe as doing some chores, but it was a significant step up. With Patti at my side, I drove to a ski shop to drop off Zeke's skis to get tuned for some upcoming ski races trials (he hopes to make his schools ski team). I then drove to a carpark and walked to a bank, pharmacy and camping store before going shopping at the supermarket. I did have to sit down outside the supermarket towards the end, and whilst I did drive home, I was not much help in unloading the car. In the supermarket I took it slow as I looked at lots of food items wondering whether I could eat them not. It is difficult to describe the feelings I experienced during this outing, and I won't attempt to try, but I am sure some can imagine. All up we were probably out for at least 1.5 hours. This is not something I could have done even a week ago. I had another wonderful home cooked lunch (cold baked chicken, beef and tomato ravioli, and some stir fried veggies [with virtually no oil]) and then took my very weary body to bed for a wonderful sleep.
I had an oncologist, who I know, come and visit me earlier this week. He had just heard about my situation. His visit left me very happy. He gently reiterated to Patti and I much of what we already knew. The importance of positive thinking, good nutrition, a calm and stress free environment, focusing on myself and relaxing. I have been a bit of a slow learner in terms of focusing on myself, but as I enter this next stage of my recovery I am getting better at thinking about myself first. With a bit more exercise now, I am relaxing much better too.
As I relax, sleep and go out a bit more I have been spending less time answering emails. I do, however, enjoy those that I have been receiving from far and wide.
I have no idea how this blog reads - it often feels like a bit of a brain dump as I write. I don't think I have ever looked back at the entries and can't see myself doing that. I can only look forward and up. Who knows how fast I will bounce back but I have at least definitely started the bounce.


At 19 August 2011 at 00:27 , Blogger theBeyderClan said...

it is great to hear you taking pleasure in some of the things we consider "little", Andrew. this is a lesson i have to take from you. thanks for updating us on your progress!

At 19 August 2011 at 23:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Andrew :) It's wonderful to hear how you're doing so much better recently :) It's great to hear stories of your recovery and of your family (who are supadupaly wonderful) from Catherine - and hopefully I'll be able to come visit soon and share stories from the Med Revue!! My love to everyone :):):) Rebekah

At 22 August 2011 at 19:41 , Blogger Maddy said...

Hi Andrew, we have been thinking of you often here in Scotland and we are really pleased to read about the progress you are making. All is going well in Scotland. Madeleine has a blog herself at the moment (not quite as detailed as your own) which will catch you up with the major events -

Love from Amy, Cam, Madeleine and Harry


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