Friday, 22 July 2011

Pullan Family Trust

From the Trustees of the Pullan Family Trust

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you will already know, we were deeply disturbed to learn a few weeks ago that our close friend and colleague Andrew Pullan has been diagnosed with metatastic melanoma.

Since that time colleagues within the Department of Engineering Science have established a Trust called the Pullan Family Trust and this communication from the Trustees of the Trust (Rosalind Archer, Andy Philpott, Mike O'Sullivan and David Ryan) serves to announce the formal establishment of the Trust. The purpose of the Trust is to allow the Trustees to seek gifts and donations which can be applied to the beneficiaries of the Trust (being Andrew and Patti and their children Zeke and Xanthe). The Trustees wish to acknowledge and thank the law firm Duthie Whyte, and in particular Nigel Harrison as a partner of that firm, for drawing up the Deed of Trust without charge and also allowing us to use their Trustee Account while the Pullan Family Trust was being established.

Over the past few weeks Andrew has undergone further tests. Some of you may have read of very recent significant advances in the treatment of melanoma and we are all hoping that Andrew may be able to access one of these trials as part of his treatment plan. While a treatment plan has yet to be decided and there remains uncertainty about both potential treatment costs and places where treatment might be obtained, we have sufficient information to know that the cost of treatment could exceed $250K. As Trustees we are therefore setting our initial fundraising target at NZ$250,000. As soon as the true costs of treatment become clear we will communicate again and provide updated information.

Andrew has recently launched a blog at Those who want to follow his progress are welcome to check that site for updates. He now has three long posts on there that explain what's happened to date and he intends to provide updates in the future.

The online fundraising happening on and also directly to the Duthie Whyte Trust account has been amazing. The generosity of friends and colleagues of Andrew's in NZ and beyond has raised more than $24,000 in little more than 2 weeks. The "givealittle" site remains active. Donations via that channel do attract a small overhead. If you wish to donate, and can readily deposit funds to a NZ bank account, please contact Rosalind Archer ( for the bank account number.

As Trustees, it is our intention to communicate on a regular basis with all Andrew's friends, colleagues and supporters. For this purpose we are creating an extensive emailing list and would welcome names and email addresses of any who would like to receive this regular update. Please pass this communication on to others who know Andrew and email Shobha on if you would like your name added to the email list. In these updates we will keep you informed of Andrew's progress and also progress with our fundraising activities.

Kind regards,

Rosalind, Andy, Mike and David.


At 22 July 2011 at 18:21 , Anonymous Rosalind Archer said...

A quick update on the fundraising effort. Over $33K has now been donated to the trust. The generosity of Andrew's friends and colleagues around the world is heartwarming.

Best wishes,


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