Thursday, 1 September 2011

More Small Steps Forward

I am quickly losing track of what day it is and what I have been doing as the week progresses as each day I seem to be doing something new and different. Yesterday I went out to another shopping centre with Patti looking for some new clothes for Xanthe. We did not stay too long - I guess we were out less then 1.5 hours. My parents and brother came over for lunch that day as well, which is always nice. The next time I see my parents will be fathers day when I hope to drive to see them - a distance of about 20km. Today I walked down to see a morning movie in Newmarket with Patti and I then walked home again, just in time for another lovely lunch. As usual, I went for a rest after lunch. I have to go for a rest every afternoon, and ideally have a sleep. If I don't get to sleep then it makes the evenings quite tough for me as I get very tired just after dinner. I have never been a good sleeper, but I did manage to sleep this afternoon, although not for very long. There seems to be an unusually large number of helicopters flying around at the moment - I have no idea why, unless it is somehow associated with the world cup. We used to get the odd helicopter flying around, but this is happening every afternoon for extended periods, with many just making repeated wide sweeps around my area. I have become attuned to their noise (even through earplugs) which has just increased the difficulty of me getting to sleep. I am thus working on various relaxation techniques to help me (not that I know too many yet).
I am beginning to experience new pains in my body, but this is all good. As the tumors continue to shrink and die off, there is a lot of "reorganisation" that will be going on inside me. The swelling in the liver, for example, is subsiding, so some pain is to be expected.

My energy levels continue to increase, but a quick morning rest and a much longer afternoon rest are so vital to me.

Tomorrow my daughter has a school production in the afternoon, so I plan to go and see this. I expect to see a number of people there, both teachers and parents, that I know, some of whom have no idea what has happened to me. It will thus be another little test for me, and part of my re-engagement process.


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