Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Tough Week

This week has proven to be quite a tough one, but if I look deeper into what has happened, it is all for the right reasons. After the difficult weekend just gone, I ended up with virtually no energy. I struggled to get off the bed, and it was not until yesterday that I managed to go for a very short walk. However, as my specialist stated, my body is putting a lot of it's resources into rebuilding and repairing the damage left behind as the tumours shrink and die off. It would be nice to be up and about but I have to be more patient while by body is working so hard on rebuilding and repairing. This morning I awoke in some pain so I immediately took my extra pain medication, and have stayed on top of it all day. I have an attitude now when I get something like this of "another one bites the dust". Doesn't make the pain any less intense or anything like that, but it does reinforce to me that this is all healing pain and part of the journey I must travel.
On a different note, I did manage to sit outside and eat lunch the last couple of days. Patti made some wonderful chicken burgers and the two of us just enjoyed the fact that I was up and outside. Apart from one day at the weekend, my appetite has remained and my weight has remained stable for some time now (I am still pretty scarecrow like, but according to the BMI measure, I am in the normal range).
My son is competing at the National weightlifting competition (for high school kids) on Saturday and I would dearly love to go and see him compete. I cannot be confident though that I can make it and I know the cost of pushing myself too hard. I will have to wait to see how I am on Saturday before making any decision.


At 11 September 2011 at 16:34 , Blogger Margot Gerritsen said...

HI Andrew,
Yes, listen to your body and take the rest you need. There will be plenty of time to do all the things you just do not have the energy for now.
In the meantime: enjoy the RWC! The opening ceremony was pretty spectacular and we are all enjoying the games here. You must be able to hear the ruccus from Eden Park
Dave says hi too, and Michael Saunders


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